Carolyn G. Findler Art Studio

Carolyn G. Findler




Over a decade ago, Carolyn started her art studio to make high quality, affordable art work that was accessible to everyone. Basically, she likes to draw and paint high quality, affordable art.


Her Homesteading Concentration focuses on the beauty in farming, gardening, nature, and animals. Her family values a connection with the outdoors and caring for the living creatures in it. She feels that illustrating things she values is the best way to show their beauty.


Carolyn can also make something you like beautiful too. She does private commissions - portraits, beloved pets, sentimental landscapes, and scientific illustrations using oils, watercolors, charcoal, pastels, ink, and colored pencils. You'll find her style changes with each piece; some use pointillisim, others are hyper-realistic, and occasionally, some need a more graphic arts approach.


Carolyn absolutely loves art and how it makes people feel - which you can see in the beautiful work she does. Carolyn is normally here during the holidays and sometimes we are lucky enough to have her showcase a new piece during the year.