Alpaca Spirit

Linda Gold


Linda lives with her family on a farmette in Maurertown where she keeps pot-belly pigs, chickens, goats and, now, alpaca. The Golds moved to the Valley three years ago from careers and a life in the big city of Philadelphia. Moving to the country and trying out farming on a small, manageable scale was her ambition.  


Starting with pigs, goats and chickens was an obvious idea. Things went well, and then Linda decided she wanted to branch out and add one more type of animal – something unique. Because of her interest in fiber, she thought of llamas and their smaller counterpart, alpaca. She had always wanted to try knitting with alpaca, the warmest fiber.  


And so the idea was born.  


Linda thinks of her three alpaca as gentle giants, quite quiet, a little distant, but not aggressive.  Every year they need to be sheared and then the fleeces are sent for processing into usable skeins, ready for knitting or weaving.


Linda is now busy making blankets with her new yarn, which she has spun with 15% merino wool so it has memory and won’t stretch out when knitted up.  She is now starting to collect / buy up raw fleeces that others don’t plan to use and have them spun as well, thereby increasing her inventory.  


  • Alpaca yarn spun with 15% merino wool
  • 150-yard skeins
  • Undyed 
  • Shades of tan, dark brown, grey and white